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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers are here to your questions.

Stonepanel decorative ceiling and wall panels are manufactured as “made in Turkey” product with fully national capital and a leading trademark that has best quality with best price.

Our composite products are based on fiberglass matterial and painted by Jotun after enrichment with polyester and stone powder.

Stonepanel decorative ceiling and wall panels does not contain any carcinogen or hazard substances and certified it with TS EN ISO 14000.

No enviroment for bacterial growth in the structure of decorative ceiling and wall panels and our products does not culture.

We penetrate on our decorative panels with top-level specification in compliance with standards . Stonepanel decorative panels have A2 fire-rating class due to high standards.

Our products, because of their fiberglass based structure, are impossible to be impressed by water and moisture. There is no structural imperfection between -40°C and +100 °C according to technical analysis by Istanbul Technical University. Thermal processing is 600 ° C.

Our deorative panels are not produced for heat and sound insulation. But they break sound waves because of their inheretence. It padded between 30-50 dB.

Durability is optimal according to test reports of Istanbul Technical University. Our panels get optimal average because of its best quality with minimum prices contrary to other manufacturers.

Our decorative panels can be used well for outdoors beside indoors as a result of durability and strength tests, ire resistance, water and moisture resistance tests. Stonepanel products will be your first choice because of lowest flexion and shrinking numbers, very light weight and best quality of Jotun paint.

Stonepanel gives 20 years warranty for its products.

It will be enough to wipe up with a damp clothe because of their quality and durability structure after aplication. No need an extra maintenance. No need any extra paint and polish. You can wash outdoor applications.

Can be applied on walls, at fron of bars and wooden floor surfaces. Beside, can be applied on construction too. But inadviseble on floors and on low load capacity of floors.

Weights of decorative ceiling and wall panels vary on designs. Weight is 5-10 kg/ m², thickness is 7 mm - 12 mm. Panel size is 130 x 330 cm. It is very portable and can be applied on another surface.

Mounting process of stonepanel ceiling and wall panels is so simple. Screw or nail is used due to surface state. After fixing process putty is applied and hide screw/nail points. Lastly touch paint is finished. Please watch application video.

Stonepanel, give 5 years warrant for our application and mountings.

We have stuff for mounting operqations and may provide you for mounting due to request amount. Our clients that will not take any mounting operation support, will surely handle mounting operations. You can manage process easily by watching our mounting videos. But we have a principle and that is “please let the Professional do the job”. We will not be responsible for mounting operations that we don’t manage. You can also get help from our stuff on phone.

Mounting operation time varies due to size of surface, surface property and geometric shape(wall, column, ceiling etc..)

We don’t have any stock problem because of our wide rande of retail networks . You should ask for stock of design by informing applied surface etc..

Demounting is possible for our decorative ceiling and wall panels. It can be easily removed because it is mounted by screw /nail and you can apply on other surfaces again and again. You can actualise demounting process without any problem with small touches by putty and paint.